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What’s a Tincture//where do I find them?

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Welcome to One Whole Farmacy!

One of the ways we love to incorporate herbs into our daily activities, especially on the go, is a tincture or glycerite. I always keep an Elderberry (immune support), a Skullcap (anxiety support), and a Migraine Magic in my purse!

Our tinctures are made with Tito's brand (certified GF) vodka, and our glycerites are made with a sustainably-sourced food-grade palm vegetable glycerine & distilled water. Herbs are infused into the liquids for 6-12 weeks depending on the material, then strained, leaving a strongly infused remedy, full of the healing constituents of the plants.

If you've shopped our tables at various pop-ups, you've seen our collection of tinctures and glycerites, and hopefully have the menu of our offerings therein. Send an email whenever you're ready to acquire any tinctures.

For those who were sent our way from friends and family, and wondering how to order tinctures or glycerites, & to get the PDF of our menu:

Email us at

We can accept PayPal/Venmo or cash if you're local.

All of the products are legal for sale and purchase in the state of Illinois (and all of the US, as far as I know!). They are not evaluated by the FDA. Consult your herbalist and/or naturopath to decide if/which tinctures could benefit you.

Our family so, so appreciates your support! Bee well!

Wilhelmina Merrimoon

Herbalist, One Whole Farmacy

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