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Fire cider made with the more traditional ingredients, plus hibiscus, rose hips, and Hawthorn berries for a targeted heart chakra healing. This was formulated for those folks healing high blood pressure and/or diabetes, and the herbs are considered safe among herbalists for use during pregnancy for hypertension and/or gestational diabetes.

One tbsp per day.

Ingredients: raw apple cider vinegar*, RO filtered water with trace minerals added back in, grapefruit*, onion*, hibiscus*, garlic*, ginger root*, turmeric root*, hawthorn berries*, rosehips*, peppercorns*, dandelion root*, burdock root*, Turkey tail mushrooms, jalapeño peppers*, raw honey (local to north/central Oklahoma)

*certified USDA and/or Oregon Tilth organic

**This product not safe for folks on a prescription blood pressure medication

***This product and statement not evaluated by the FDA.

Heart of Fire Cider

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